SMS Services

SMS Services

The Challenge of Sending SMS Globally:

With the growth and adoption of more powerful handheld mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, the world is becoming increasingly more mobile. The dramatic rise of global SMS traffic in recent years is clear proof that these mobile smart devices continue to grow as a popular form of communication whether it be voice, video, email or text.

To remain competitive in this ever changing mobile world, companies need to take the necessary steps to reach their customer base that is progressively becoming more globally nomadic.

One increasingly popular way for companies to maintain connections with their customer base, or subscribers, is to utilize SMS texts to “push” information out to their global subscriber base, such as marketing promotions, coupons, daily news, banking and security notifications, and travel-related updates. However, companies face many challenges when delivering messages, including the ability to quickly and efficiently send quality SMS messages to subscribers through global operators, while simultaneously navigating a complex maze of protocols.


The SMS Application-to-Person Service (A2P) offers a carrier-grade, high-availability and reliable platform that leverages RVSPL existing SMS service infrastructure, to provide companies with a one-stop global messaging solution. Available 24×7, 365 days a year, RVSPL SMS A2P allows companies to deliver near real-time application generated SMS to global mobile subscribers in a highly efficient and cost effective manner.

SMS A2P Features:

Single connection for global delivery:
With a single connection to RVSPL A2P service, companies can easily send SMS messages, notifications, alerts, etc. to various mobile carriers worldwide. Companies can now reliably send SMS messages to an end subscriber or multiple end subscribers internationally by leveraging existing versatile connections to global operators through the multilateral mobile carrier relationships RVSPL has in place.

Intelligent routing engine:

The A2P solution provides customers with options for intelligent routing to least cost routes guaranteeing competitive prices that can then be passed along to the subscriber while maintaining a superior level of service quality.

Integrated MNP solution:

As mobile subscribers move from carrier to carrier, mobile number portability (MNP) continues to be an issue along with accurate re-routing of messages. The A2P solution provides Mobile Number Resolution ensuring the routing of messages into MNP-enabled networks. Mobile subscribers can rest assured their messages will be successfully routed as recipients move from carrier to carrier.

Fraud and Spam control:

As with email, SMS messaging is also an objective for organizations looking to target massive amounts of subscribers indiscriminately with unsolicited bulk messages. This uninvited form of advertising not only creates additional congestion on the network, but can also cost the subscriber unwanted texting fees. RVSPL state-of-the-art fraud and spam control features were designed to identify, report, and counter the efforts of bulk SMS spammers through keyword filtering, blacklisting and throttling controls resulting in a better texting experience for subscribers and greater security and reliability for mobile messaging companies.

Credit management and alert:

The SMS A2P offers a real-time credit management and alert system for credit deductions from company accounts that are either prepaid or postpaid. Companies are automatically notified by email when their credit balances reach certain limits allowing them the option to purchase additional credit, therefore reducing the chances of service interruptions due to a lack of available credits.

Customer web portal:

The SMS A2P service offers companies access to a web portal with detailed traffic and billing reports designed to offer better insight into their daily and monthly usage rates, in addition to measurement tools that display campaign effectiveness, ensuring consistent branding across all online campaigns.

The SMS A2P service also offers:

 Robust SMS interoperability
 Carrier grade reliability with full redundancy
 One-stop solution with a full suite of services
 Flexible connection interface options:
SMPP3.2/3.3/3.4, HTTP, CIMD2
 Proprietary IP protocol
 24×7 global customer support